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Spending my childhood and early teens living in London and then my adult life living in rural villages and quaint market towns with lots of character has given me a fabulous source of inspiration for my art.


I feel as much at home walking dogs across fields and woodlands as I  do walking in London, and need both in my life which is  probably why I've always lived within a short train ride from the city . I still love the hustle and bustle of London and its inspiring museums and galleries, equally as much as I do the countryside and need both in my life. 


Since the Channel Tunnel has been open it has  also been possible to make a day trip to Paris, although obviously more time is preferable, to visit exhibitions there. Another wonderful city and a close second to my first love London. 

We have recently moved to a thatched cottage in rural  Dorset, which is beautiful and very scenic, and much closer to Cornwall, which is my most favourite part of the Uk to visit. The beaches and scenery there are a wonderful opportunity for even more inspiration. The only downside is that the train ride into the City is now two and half hours instead of forty minutes, but it gives me the perfect excuse to stay over for longer.


Apart from all things creative, I have always had a deep interest in the metaphysical and spirituality, and have been attuned to third degree Reiki.  It has become an important aspect in my life, and a ritual for me at the beginning of every painting is to draw the Reiki symbols on the canvas before applying the underpainting. I feel it gives another dimension and positive energy to the painting that will remain within, wherever is its forever home.

My most recent work has been a series of flower paintings which I began on a 10 day painting sojourn in the South of France, the first of which are shown here.



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